May 3rd - May 20th 2022

Ready πŸš€Set ⚑️Build πŸ› 

Join us for the first ever Chakrathon to build the next best component in Chakra UI. Come engage, learn, and contribute.

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Build the best Single Select component in Chakra UI


Map out the component API. Figure out all of the moving parts and how the component will be implemented and used.


Design the Select component and variations using tools like Figma. It’s always a good idea to have all variations design before implementing them.


Develop the actual component. Turn your designs into an actual, usable Chakra UI Single Select component.


Provide a documentation on how to use the component, its props and different variations.

Get ready, tomodachi ✌️!


The theme for this Hackathon is Anime. This means every team will have the freedom to pick their favorite Anime as their team name. eg. Team Naruto


Registration is on a team basis and not per individual. This means that to be a part of the hackathon, you should register as a team.


The goal of this hackathon is to foster collaboration. As a result, each team should comprise of a minimum of 2 people.

The Rounds

The hackathon is divided into 2 rounds:

Round One (Elimination round)

πŸ—“ May 9th - May 11th, 2022

This is where teams present their component API design and walk us through how they intend to build their components. The video submission requires to have at least one of your team members to speak about your solution to creating the component design. You are welcome to show your faces, but it is not required.

Mode of submission:

  • Create a 3-5 minute video describing the API design and the approach to tackling this challenge.
  • Upload video to YouTube
  • Complete the submission form

Deadline for Submission is 11th May @ 4pm GMT

Only a selected number of teams will move on to the next stage. Information will be passed in the Discord channel.

Round Two (Final round)

πŸ—“ May 12th - May 18th, 2022

In this round the teams go more into depth in designing the actual components, the variations, building out the design and writing documentation on the usage of the component.

Mode of submission:

  • Provide a link to the GitHub Repo
  • Create a 3-5 minute video describing your component, documentation and process
  • Upload video to YouTube
  • Complete the submission form

Deadline for Submission is 18th May @ 4pm GMT

Winners will be announced on 20th May

The Rules


All communication will be done via the #Chakrathon channel on Discord. We encourage teams and team members to join the channel.


Any intellectual property developed by teams during the hackathon will be publicly accessible.


All design elements, code, builds, etc. must be created during the event.


Participants must agree to act fairly and treat all other hackers with the utmost respect.

Open Source

Submissions must be through public repositories on Github.


Prizes will be awarded to participants via OpenCollective.

On time

Submissions sent after the submission closing date (May 18th, GMT 11.59PM) will not be accepted.


Enjoy, have fun, and make new friends!

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May 3rd

Team Registration opens

May 5th

Team Registration closes

May 6th

Hackathon Introduction and Structure (YouTube)

May 6th

Teams join the Discord Channel + Engagement

May 9th

Start hacking!

May 9th - May 11th

Elimination Round

May 12th

Announcing teams moving to the next stage

May 12th - May 18th

Final Round

May 18th - May 20th

Review of video submission

May 20th

Winners announced!

Winners πŸ₯³!

Second Place



First Place



Third Place



* Prizes are awarded per team. Each team lead should submit an expense (invoice) to our Open Collective page with the correct prize sum and description of "Chakra UI Hackathon: 1st/2nd/3rd place" (leave just your team's place). If you need help, feel free to reach out at our Discord server.

Judging Criteria

The teams will be judged based on the following criteria:

Accessibility considerations

Component hook and API design

Ease of customization with style props

Theming and variants

Proper documentation

Component UI design

Chakrathon is organized by the maintainers of Chakra UI. The organizers are responsible for coordinating the rules and judging. For any questions and concerns, reach out to The organizers maintain the rights to enforce, adapt, or cancel terms of the competition in the spirit of fairness.